First Case Scenario: If you decide to cancel your order after payments, you can have an almost full(99%) refund of your money if items have not been processed or shipped yet. If items had been processed, you will get a 75% refund. If items have been shipped already, you will get a 0% refund. There is NO refund for what so ever reason once orders have been shipped.

Second Case Scenario: If your parcel gets missing during delivery, to compensate you hence keeping our customers coming back to our shop, we will either refund you 50% of your money or we send you half the quantity of the product(s) you ordered FREE of charge(Charity Service!). But buyer MUST pay a shipping fee. Note that this is NOT an Obligation on us, so be polite when making such a request. This is so because we are not to be blamed for missing items because it’s strictly not our fault but that of the delivery agency involved. However, due to the contents of the parcel, we/you cannot file a claim against the delivery agency that’s why we prefer to go with the loss but satisfy our clients.

Remark:Note that in any of the above case scenarios, refunds are made via bitcoins ONLY. Even if the client made payments with WU, MG or any other means, refunds will be sent via bitcoins. Hence clients are advised to get a bitcoin wallet for the convenience of our Charity Service.

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