What is the difference between powdered cocaine and crack Cocaine?

The main difference between this two is; Cocaine is a hydrochloride salt in its powdered form, while crack cocaine is derived from powdered cocaine by combining it with water and another substance, usually baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). After cocaine and baking soda are combined, the mixture is boiled, and a solid forms. Once it’s cooled […]

Are my personal details safe?

Yes they are safe. Note that our site is SSL secured and all data shared here can only be viewed by our team. Once all transactions are done, our site automatically deletes all client personal information.

How will I track my package?

Our tracking system has been upgraded in a sophisticated and logical way that will make you stare in awe. This upgrade feature makes tracking very safe for everyone. We believe that surfing the internet and doing whatsoever online, has nothing to do with third-parties. That’s why every measure of security is being put forth to […]

Should I expect any unforeseen circumstance?

No, you shouldn’t! But of recent, an insurance document can be requested at any time and sometimes, it is not needed. We have had few situations where security officers requested an insurance document. In this case, a diplomatic insurance document is the best choice at this point because any parcel carrying a diplomatic seal, cannot be […]

How long will it take to get my package?

All orders are shipped within or after 24 hours once a cleared payment have been received. Standard(ground/sea) Mail can take up to 15 days maximum, depending on where you live. In contrary to that, we offer Stealth VIP(Air/Plane) Services in which your parcel can take up to 2-7 days depending on your location as well. […]

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes We offer Free shipping on all orders above $149. The free shipping option will only appear on the checkout page if and only if the condition for free shipping is met. Hence be sure to select that option.

What type of encryption do you use to make your site secure?

We use COMODO RSA SSL end-to-end encryption, hence your connection with us, is encrypted using a modern cipher suite and TLS 1.2. It is encrypted and authenticated using AES_128_GCM and uses ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism. Meaning every information you sent to us is 100% out of reach for hackers.

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