Purple Haze weed Strain

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This long-lasting, potent, and psychedelic strain will have you in Purple Haze in no time at all. Purple Haze is considered to be one of the best wake-and-bake strains out there due to its energizing effects.
THC : 17.5%
CBD : 1%
SATIVA : 60%
INDICA : 40%


What Is the Purple Haze strain?

Fans of the late, great Jimi Hendrix will note that this strain is named after his classic 1967 psychedelic rock anthem. Also, when you discover this strain’s lineage, it reveals another reason why Purple Haze is the perfect name for this strain.

While there is some controversy around Purple Haze’s exact lineage, the consensus is that it is a cross between two sativa-dominant strains, namely Purple Thai and Haze. Purple Haze itself is a slightly sativa-dominant strain with a sativa to indica ratio of 60:40.

Super stimulating and thought-provoking, Purple Haze is both an excellent solo strain or one to share with some friends! And if you are sharing this strain with your significant other, Purple Haze is one of the most effective aphrodisiac strains out there!

After first consuming Purple Haze, you may experience a slight pressure in your temples or your cheeks may become flushed. This is pretty commonly experienced by many Purple Haze consumers and is nothing to worry about.

In terms of Purple Haze’s effects, you can expect an uplifting, euphoric, and cerebral high. Due to its instant high-energy effects, the Purple Haze strain is considered to be one of the best wake-and-bake strains out there.

Like Hendrix, you may also find yourself lost in a Purple Haze after consuming this potent and psychedelic strain. You will find yourself thinking more creatively and abstractly, and even mundane things may start to become more interesting.

Purple Haze consumers say that this strain also has a psychedelic-like effect. You may experience a heightened perception to visual and auditory stimuli in particular. The Purple Haze strain may not be suitable for a novice smoker due to the combination of its psychedelic and potent effects.


The Purple Haze strain has a deliciously sweet blueberry aroma combined with sharper, spicier notes. A strong, earthy odor offsets these fruity and spicy aromas. Breaking open Purple Haze’s cured, dried buds reveals a slightly dank and musty smell with a slight tinge of berry.


The Purple Haze strain has a mouth-watering combination of sweet and fruity flavors that are reminiscent of berries and grapes. Purple Haze’s sweet and spicy notes are most prominent on the inhale. On the exhale, this strain’s fruity, grape-like flavors are more apparent.

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23 reviews for Purple Haze weed Strain

  1. TamauJ

    This sh*t GOOD. I️ feel like I’m in a cloud of straight up rivers flowing through the sky while a unicorn sprinkles sour candy all around. Good energy, awakening high. Chill.

  2. JessicaT

    Great uplifting calm burst of joy coming from purple haze . I enjoy the woody and earthy smell .. favorite sativa hands down

  3. PKMgio

    My favorite strain and favorite sativa for sure. The euphoria on this one brings me back to the first time I smoked…every single time! I’m a veteran smoker with a high tolerance and wow this one feels like the first session every time lol amazing

  4. @@@Gustavo@@@

    suave, pero de efecto muy duradero y muy psicodélico. Efecto 3D jajajaja so fucking high rai nao. No te pone creativo, relaja y aletarga en el bajón OJO. ta chida pa vacacione AUNQUEA te ayuda a concentrarte cabron al escribir y trabajar. pa la guitarra ffffiu nice.

  5. RealityMan

    Purple haze is a fairly psychedelic sativa with a body and head experience like few others. Definitely not the strain for physical activity but I did find I could do daytime activities if I had to. This potent bad boy will have you laying on the couch, pain free, surfing your mind.

  6. KingCannaseur404

    Purple Haze has to be one of the best Sativa’s I have ever tried and I could easily use it in day to day life, let me explain why. I have tried Purple Haze in both Flower Form and Extract Form and I have Smoked and Vaporised the strain multiple times so take this as a review for both of them.

  7. Twxted420

    The most flavorful Haze train ever! Very distinct flavor and aroma, reminds me of frankincense and sandalwood, very earthy. A true Haze in the sense that it uplifts and energizes with a very mellow high. I was first introduced to this strain in NYC in 2000. In my opinion NYC made this strain a house…

  8. Escobuddy

    Taste is good But too sativa for me

  9. Daykhale

    I am not big on giving review but this deserves it. this strain is not only beautiful to look at but it has a smooth taste and nice, calm but energized effect. you can relax with this and do what you gotta do with this strain A+

  10. SteffenC

    Good quality strain creative and relaxing with a nice taste and the smoke is smooth on your throat, one of the few sativa strains that is purple Good for socializing or playing music

  11. Matt

    I smoke dabs and one rip of my bong sent me to the sky’s with this strain, I recommend If you have nothing to do all day with it’s strong high to its strong crash you’ll be a bit distracted or asleep to get anything done

  12. Mahad Johnson1

    Grabbed 2 grams worth while I was in Amsterdam it was a nice calm smoke, wasn’t too harsh on the throat and the feeling wasn’t so overwhelming, I could quite easily carry on through the day doing normal activities while high. It did last for a good while and definitely helped improve my day.

  13. Dracul420Vampire

    What’s to say wrong about this strain it’s that purple haze is so damn gud

  14. Zzzz04

    excuse me while I kiss the sky!!!

  15. FishJoe

    The description provided of this strain outlines an experience similar to the essence of Jimi Hendrix’s Purple Haze, which is an astute description of the strains effects. Though if you’re weary to agree, to examine the validity of the comparison, listening to the song while enjoying the effects of haze.

  16. Heatheroat

    a newly learned favorite. I love to smoke this first thing in the morning with my coffee to get a nice buzz going for the day. before bed I’ll smoke some to wind down and get a good night’s sleep. in my experience, this strain will provide a very mellow, yet euphoric high that will allow you to still focus.

  17. trustaR

    I think I’m wearing a hat but I’m not wearing a hat…hahahahahahso damn high.

  18. Ollieoul

    I actually really like this strain. relaxing yet somewhat energetic. good for a nice relaxing walk.

  19. madamGreen3988

    I do like this strain! Its great for a nice day time high. It makes me feel motivated, and excited to seize the day. However, if used in a relaxed setting, you can really enjoy a chill vibe and some couch lock. The flavor of this strain is also very nice, smoked through both glass and papers!

  20. Elias11

    Nothing like Purple Haze, truly in a world of its own super dank super stout smoke on every puff, it’s a lung blower in glass and joint form, love this strain gets me fried every time, up there as a favorite sativa alongside French Aloha

  21. NorthernFried4080

    Great day strain. i greatly recommend you try it out.

  22. Selling Edibles

    On par with morning/day strains such as Green Crack, Sour D, Chocolope and ghost train Haze and could be used as a substitute for any of them. Beautiful bag appeal, and oozes rosin at a low pressure low temp press. I’ve yielded about 22% and was well worth it

  23. NeighborhoodWeedamns

    Pretty good strain overall, when I first picked them up I noticed how nice the buds looked. It looked liked little black/purple-ish glossy buds. The effects for me were a little more calm then energetic but enjoyed the vision,body and head effects.

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