Gelato Weed Strain

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Gelato marijuana offers the unique characteristics of the cannabis plant, well known for its unique taste and aroma, fresh and sweet. It was brought about by breeding genetics from its parents (Thin Mint and the Sunset Sherbert).

THC : 20%


Gelato weed strain (also referred to as “Larry Bird”) is another tantalizing hybrid cannabis strain from Cookie Farm Genetics, following in the footsteps of it’s parents Sunset sherbet and Thin Mint Girls scout Cookies. This Bay Area California native gets it’s name from the fruity, dessert-like aroma, a common genetic thread among the Cookie family. It’s buds tend to bloom in dark purple hues illuminated by fiery orange hairs and a shining white coat of crystal resin. People with a high THC tolerance will delight in Gelato’s heavy-handed euphoria. Physical relaxation comes on strong, but many find themselves still mentally agile enough to stay productive and creative when enjoying Gelato during the day.

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1/8 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1 Ounce

52 reviews for Gelato Weed Strain

  1. Matt

    Its okay but not the best I’ve ever had. it doesnt help with my chronic pain as much as I’d like but it still works decent.

  2. DboLette

    I love this strain In a fat Bong rip! much recommended.

  3. tougherCamigo

    beautiful strain

  4. BicoastalDude

    Somehow, it felt more like an Indica the second time around with the body high. First time caused paranoia (mostly my own doing, took too much for my tolerance level). Physically relaxed, with some type of head shift – almost felt like sinus pressure.

  5. Cheyenna

    I feel really relaxed af. Definitely listen to music with this one! 🚀
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  6. Leomarishdzpr

    Definitely one of my recent favorites. Allows me to Oooberly lax in pad streamIn, get what I need to done, so I can get ready to really Netflix and chill out. Ask me to do something last moment too I’ll be game for it.

  7. HuntyBunny

    Rapid Effects

  8. Kaypear

    Relaxing and headdy. Teal creamy fruity the buds have always been prepared properly and supa dupa dank outcom

  9. MrNastyTimesIs$$$$

    Its okay but not the best I’ve ever had. it doesnt help with my chronic pain as much as I’d like but it still works decent.

  10. Matt06

    I love this strain In a fat Bong rip! much recommended.

  11. TopherCaringo

    Somehow, it felt more like an Indica the second time around with the body high. First time caused paranoia (mostly my own doing, took too much for my tolerance level). Physically relaxed, with some type of head shift – almost felt like sinus pressure. Also felt a little paranoia second time, but no headaches.

  12. aweedBoy

    Beautiful Strain

  13. Leomarishdzpr

    🤤 I took A Mean heavy Pull on My blunt and Man,this gelato strain is amazing, Had Me Paranoid for about 12 minutes and then it covers such A relaxing feeling, Dizzy Had My Body shaking, My eyes Blood Shot Red 🤣😂 Good Stuff!

  14. DreeDay81

    Rapid effects

  15. AirstreamDream

    Literally the best strain ever. Me and my fiancé were so surprised with how strong it is. We felt like we were on clouds when laying down. Yet we were able to focus very well 10/10

  16. Zeo_L

    With a sweet taste and a heavy drop, this melty mellow treat is perfect for an cozy rainy afternoon.

  17. Phenom Pen

    As I smoke this as I write this, this strain is very soft hitting nice mellow feeling hybrid. Nice size trichomes and leaves some nice keef behind for the next bowl pack. No stuck in the couch feeling. Giving you a nice all around high this is one of my favorites but not my top

  18. Miztaken

    Really liked this one. Very uplifting, and really nice fruity taste.

  19. McHammer66

    Puts me to bed. Strong and heavy hitting, fast high. Feels great and lasts a good amount of time. Big on the head high and will get your eyes closing without notice. Be careful driving on this one!

  20. Drowning Glows

    This strain is incredible. Maybe the best strain ever or at the very least solidly least on the Mt. Rushmore of top strains all time.

  21. FlukeLt

    From my research, this strain is a hybrid. That being said, based on my experience, I feel this is an indica-dominant hybrid. I really like the aftertaste. The high is euphoric – I was still able to perform my work duties with clear thoughts yet was more thorough in writing reports.

  22. Kingal881

    One of the few of my favourite strains. Strong smell and taste. We used to call herb that smelled like this strain “Kryptonite” back in ~2002. Im not saying this stain is similar to the kryptonite stain. My point is that this strain is highend stuff. It hits very fast. Wide range of effects and damn euphoric.

  23. Otherone

    Lovely as an era cartridge from Jetty! Not super creative, but happy and uplifted. Surprisingly talkative too…

  24. rhinedStoned

    After a slow day I smoke two large bowls of Gelato (AKA Larry Bird) on the back porch. By my Weedman I was told that Gelato was not like other strains. I was told that it was even better than the previous gas he sold me before. (He sold me Pineapple Express last time and it was so splendid and made me gud. But this dude did well as well.

  25. JT Zooted

    Feels like a first love – one of the best highs I’ve had.

  26. Fashowitit

    Nice, daytime smoke. This sativa gives you hits of dopamine. I was clear-headed and productive. I also felt more…open! Love was lovelier, and touch was touchier! 😋😂

  27. Lady!!!

    I really enjoyed Gelato. I will buy it again!!

  28. ScottZapper

    A nice “getting things done” strain, but does very little for my chronic muscle pain. I can see this being a good morning strain on low-pain days, or a strain for getting errands and chores done, because it makes me feel very clearheaded and not foggy at all (an impressive feat, I have diagnosed ADHD) and it has been helping me manage it.

  29. BoneHurtingJuice

    One of the best highs you’ll ever have. Im a prominently hybrid type ah smoker and this is one of thee most gas ⛽️highs I’ve ever experienced

  30. Cheyele

    Liked it alot

  31. jsmaji02

    highest i have ever been lmao

  32. e669ee209ee0815e

    QRDER strain with THC level above 22% . energetic but Euphoric feels lesser to me

  33. SaraskyWalker

    Gelato might be my fav hybrid if i see it better in the days ahead.

  34. The1Don

    One small amount vaped at 180f, amazing. Happy, relaxed, sociable, wide awake day time strain. Would not use within 6 hours of sleeping. Very uplifting. Went for a great walk. No tired come down. Very nice.

  35. Alanj999

    First time I smoked gelato I was impressed. Kept going back for it and it was always sold out. I smoke it again last week and was still impressed this is a great strain.

  36. Presido

    yupi. shit is gud. blow ur mind real quick

  37. Magnifico

    It made me just feel really good and happy but I had a small headache

  38. TheMan

    Loved It

  39. Daykhale

    I like this strain and it literally makes you feel like your in water when made into an edible.

  40. JasmineRenn

    Not my fave, but a staple nonetheless that I got to try.

  41. RensuObitooo

    Strong indica and more Sativa spacy headspace after 1 hour Sweet taste Lemon Strawberry and skunk aroma Full bodied smoke euphoric focused relaxing

  42. Matt842

    The plant itself is nice, definitely will give you a nice high that will have you in a trance. Soothing and relaxing all in one👌

  43. Melting Nd Cozy

    Where do I start with this one? Gelato hits like a truck and certainly lives up to the pop culture fame it has. The herbaceous, peppery aroma is a sure sign you are going to have a good time. For me definitely more of a sink into the couch strain

  44. Lebb

    This strain got me for real

  45. HarryShine

    Very relaxing for me. I didn’t have any energy, but I felt very calm and relaxed.

  46. MedaPitbullMama

    This is great if you have a long day a head of you!! Steady high! I recommend it!

  47. SfHaze

    Took a hiatus from smoking when it was giving me anxiety (probably smoking the wrong stuff) but a friend turned me on to this, and honestly I love it…someone else mentioned it makes you feel good about yourself and it absolutely does. No anxiety just a blissful, mellow stone, nice relaxing feel but had little headache..

  48. Clover

    Very good for relaxation of muscles and euphoria and staying mentally sharp. However, my mind feels a bit turned up, when I’d prefer to be calmer. I feel like I need to keep moving.

  49. KoraKold

    Love it makes you very happy!!!

  50. Dwreagan Dwreagan

    Good Buzzz!!!!

  51. Battlehorn44

    Smoking gelato everyday is the best feeling i can ever dream of, im gonna order another pound for some long term blowing up.

  52. harleyhazzyyy

    felt so relaxed and energetic.

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