CBD Oil for Dogs

Researchers have made significant progress in proving that cannabidiol is safe and effective for your pets, specifically dogs. Due to its non-psychoactive healing properties, many people are giving their canines CBD to treat various ailments. How do you know if CBD can help your hurting pup? Take a look at the top health issues plaguing man’s best friend and see how CBD could be the best treatment for them.

CBD for Dog Cancer

Researchers at the Ohio State University found that CBD compounds, “have been shown to possess anti-proliferative and anti-angiogenic effects in vitro as well as in vivo in different cancer models.” In translation, cannabidiol manages the cell pathways that are vital to cell survival and growth; this means they will also stop metastasis (the spread of cancer through the bloodstream).

There is not much research on CBD for dogs with cancer. However, there is evidence that suggests it can be an effective treatment. Take Larry’s story, for example. His dog Kai was given three months to live in April due to a tumor in his neck. The only options Larry faced were watching his beloved Kai suffer a painful death, put him to sleep, or perform a risky surgery that would cost $5,000 and would not have guaranteed success. Feeling defeated, Larry did some research and found CBD. Come July, “Some of his smaller tumors disappeared. The big one is still there, but it stopped growing.” Larry credits tinctures high in CBD for his dog’s surviving over a year after he was given only a few months.

CBD Oil for Dog Arthritis

It’s not uncommon for older dogs to experience arthritis, similar to humans. Arthritis is inflammation in the joints, which seems simple but has complicated effects. An otherwise healthy dog’s quality of life will diminish due to the chronic pain that comes with arthritis.

The traditional medications prescribed by vets to relieve pain in canines don’t have the same direct effect that CBD does. Because cannabidiol is a potent anti-inflammatory, it cuts right to the chase. A group of scientists from the Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology studied the progression of arthritis in diagnosed rats after administering CBD and the results were profound. Not only did their treatment reduce the damage in the rat’s joints, it protects them from further inflammation and deterioration.

It makes sense that arthritis is most common among in elderly and obese canines due to the wear and tear their bodies have placed on their joints, causing them to become inflamed. These dogs are already high risk and the synthetic salicylates or “doggy aspirins” that vets commonly prescribe puts them in more danger. The problem with aspirin is that it thins the blood, making k-9s susceptible to bleeding out from a harmless wound or bleeding internally. Erosion of the stomach and liver have also been reported from long-term use.

Join Carole and many other dog owners who have seen significant improvement in their dog’s health and quality with CBD.

CBD for Dog Anxiety

If your dog hides during thunderstorms, whines when you are away or is skittish in new surroundings, they might have anxiety! It’s perfectly normal and entirely treatable. Some dogs are unable to take long-established “doggie downers” because of preexisting health conditions and some owners aren’t keen on their side effects. This is where CBD comes in.

Because it’s an anxiolytic agent, cannabidiol is an all natural anti-anxiety supplement. In 2012, the  Laboratory of Panic and Respiration conducted an experiment in which they restrained two groups of mice, one group was injected with CBD and the other was not. The study concluded that CBD blocked panic-like responses and flight responses to the brain. Leaving the medicated mice cool, calm and collected while the others struggled to break free. The conclusion of this experiment provides overwhelming evidence that CBD is an effective anti-anxiety solution for animals.

CBD for Dog Seizures

Seizures are one of the most commonly reported neurological conditions in dogs. Although there are many treatments for epileptic dogs such as PhenobarbitalDiazepam and Potassium Bromide,   they come with irreversible side effects and a hefty price tag. Some of the side effects include lack of coordination, lethargy, irritability and even liver disease. Fortunately, there’s a safer and cheaper alternative.

Phenobarbital and its constituents are costly, dangerous and sometimes ineffective. Recent reports show that CBD is a has an extensive anticonvulsant profile that naturally adheres to cannabinoid receptors; unlike the synthetic medications. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system to maintain homeostasis through cannabinoids that are produced internally. Further stimulating these receptors with outside cannabinoids such as CBD is at the forefront of seizure treatment research today.

Studies show that patients who used the hemp-derived alternative to nurse epileptic episodes have never reported an increase in symptoms. That fact alone should help you rest assured your pup’s brain chemistry can only improve with CBD.

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